Friday, March 27, 2009

One City One Book Launch

One City One Book Official Launch: Monday 9th March 2009

The One City One Book idea, based on the concept of a community reading programme that attempts to get everyone in a city reading and talking about the same book, was launched in Sligo Central Library on Monday last the 9th March at 11am. A large crowd were present including some high profile figures such as the Cathoirleach Cllr Jude Devins, County Manager Mr Hubert Kearns and a number of local sports stars. The project in Sligo was co-ordinated by Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinators Ellen McKiernan, Una O’Gara and Sandra McNulty. Three primary schools were involved in the project, Sligo School Project, Our Lady of Mercy and St. Edwards. Students at Ballinode College were also involved.

‘Let’s Read Together’ was the theme of this project and Sligo Library Service were delighted to have been involved with and support this innovative project which aims to promote literacy. In celebrating this initiative a number of ‘high profile’ people in the community were asked to read the book selected entitled ‘The Tiger Rising’. This book is a National Book Award finalist by Newberry Winning author Kate DiCamillo.

The Tiger Rising, while aimed at children aged 10 to 13 is a book that everyone can enjoy. It is a story which strikes the very human condition of freedom, loss, hope, and most importantly friendship. It is a book that, once started, is hard to put down.

A glimpse inside...
"It seemed as if the tiger was a magic trick, rising out of the mist." It's six months since Rob's mum died and he moved to Florida. His dad won't talk about her at all. "Crying ain't going to bring her back," he says. So Rob fills a suitcase in his mind with all his forbidden thoughts - the rash on his legs, the bullies at school - and keeps it tight shut. But when he finds a caged tiger deep in the woods, his whole life begins to change. That same day he meets Sistine Bailey, another outsider who's bullied at school. She says they must set the tiger free - and when Rob imagines the tiger rising out of its cage, his suitcase begins to open..."

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